Seanna Kringen Remembered at RESNA's 2019 Awards

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Seanna Kringen Remembered at RESNA's 2019 Awards

In April 2019, Seanna Kringen passed away.

Seanna Kringen, M.S., was a Research Scientist at Beneficial Designs, Inc., a rehabilitation engineering design firm for nearly 15 years. She earned a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Physiological Sciences from UCLA. With 20 years of experience conducting and managing research funded by Federal grants, 15 of which have been with Beneficial Designs, Inc. She provided technical assistance required to revise and publish the RESNA American National Standard for Wheelchairs, Volumes 1 and 2 (2009). She has overseen the research components of the development of equipment to enhance recreation for people with disabilities, including the Universal Design Canoe Seat and HipGrip (a pelvic stabilization device). Ms. Kringen led the RERC-RecTech project Development of Uniform Standards for Accessible Fitness Equipment. She worked with the project stakeholders and was the primary editor of the published and drafted ASTM F08.30 Fitness Product Standards for inclusive fitness, oversees research and testing of unknown variables, and ensures compliance with other relevant standards and guidelines. Ms. Kringen also led the RERC-ACT project Development of Uniform Standards for Cognitive Technologies.

She was Chair of the RESNA Standards Committee on Inclusive Fitness and the RESNA Standards Committee on Cognitive Accessibility. In addition, Ms. Kringen's mobility impairment led to personal experience with the difficulties associated with having a disability. She made a tremendous impact in the AT field as her colleagues can confirm. Peter Axelson, one of Seanna's colleagues, provides insight about her contributions, motivations, and accomplishments: